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Guitars and Basses Designed & Crafted by N. Hayashi (aka H.Noble) Nagano, Japan

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Body材 Maple 40mm Material Over 12years
Neck Canadian Hard Rock Maple
Fingerboard Ebony 指板面円錐状 300-400r
Scale ( 0f-b ) 648mm ( 25.5inch )
Winder Atlansia New System Winder 
Tennsioner None 
String nut Adjustable Screw Nut(工具無しで上下調整可能、どんな弦でもfit
Fret Jumbo sbb-215
Position marker Side only 5mm dot
Pick-up Atlansia original Hb X 1
Tailpiece Atlansia original ( None Tremolo )
Bridge Screw type(上下調整工具不要)
Metal Coating Crome Black Gold Mix
Control 1v,1t, Tap passive
Finger-rest None
Hi-posi cutaway New Cataway
Body-finish Urethane Mat, Color: Red,blue
Neck-finish Urethane Mat
Neck Joint Plateless Atlansia Original Bolt Joint
Case With Hard Case
Guarantee 5 years
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